Precision Health

Precision Health at the University of Michigan seeks to provide unprecedented insights into human health and disease.

An individual’s state of health is determined by the interaction of genes, environment, and behavior. Powerful new tools, some of them developed U-M, allow researchers to collect large amounts of detailed genetic, physiological, and environmental data and use this data to predict and prevent disease or optimize individual treatment.

Humans are subject to many types of illnesses that affect our well-being and quality of life.
Susceptibility to disease and the very manifestations of disease itself differ among individuals in part because we all differ in the sequence of DNA in our genomes.

Precision Health at the University of Michigan aligns the university’s outstanding schools of public health, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy and engineering to compliment our top ranked medical school, world-class academic medical center, and Institute for Social Research to bring together researchers and physicians in teams of unmatched intellectual capacity and complementarity.

Precision Health is another example of how U-M is committed to using our resources to have the greatest possible impact on the public we serve.