President’s Commission on Carbon Neutrality

On Feb. 4, 2019, the President’s Commission on Carbon Neutrality (PCCN) was appointed to recommend how the University of Michigan would achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions, as well as develop scalable and transferable strategies that can be used by other institutions and larger communities to achieve the same goal.

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After the release of the PCCN’s final recommendations in March 2021, the university announced a series of commitments and initial steps that place carbon neutrality at the center of U-M’s mission. Following the commission’s guidance, U-M will eliminate Scope 1 emissions (resulting from direct, on-campus sources) by 2040, achieve carbon neutrality for Scope 2 emissions (resulting from purchased electricity) by 2025, and establish net-zero goals for Scope 3 emissions categories (resulting from indirect sources like commuting, food procurement, and university-sponsored travel) by 2025.

These and other strategies — the first of more to come in a comprehensive climate action plan — cover the entire university, including 40 million square feet in buildings, three campuses, an expansive athletics complex and the Michigan Medicine health system.

Read more about U-M’s carbon neutrality efforts following the PCCN’s recommendations at the Environment, Sustainability, and Carbon Neutrality Presidential Initiative webpage.