The Committee will:

  • Provide strategic guidance to the president on matters concerning long- and short-term public art, and the University of Michigan public art collection. This includes:
    • Evaluating university-wide public art proposals and providing recommendations for or against the proposals to the president; while
    • Providing assurance that all recommended public art acquisitions and installations include adequate initial and long-term institutional funding, including, but not limited to, financial support for commission fees, transportation, site preparation, ongoing maintenance and restoration, and/or removal; and
    • Conducting periodic review of the current public art collection, as well as available public art sites, as a means to informing future acquisitions.
  • Advocate for public art and the university’s public art program and assist in the cultivation of resources for public art.
  • Strive to foster the enrichment of the university’s visual environment by positioning works of public art of the highest caliber in settings appropriate to scale, purpose, aesthetics, and material of individual works.
  • Apply a consistent set of criteria to proposed works of public art and acquisitions, as outlined in the committee’s guiding philosophy and approach.
  • Evaluate all public art proposals in coordination with the appropriate university partners, including but not necessarily limited to: the Office of the University Planner, the Exterior Elements Design Review Committee, and the President’s Advisory Committee on University History.
  • Lend input and be available to advise on aesthetic matters that fall outside of the scope of its charge.