President’s Advisory Committee on University History


The committee will advise the President of the University on matters relating to the history and traditions of the University that require historical interpretation, sensitivity, and expertise. The agenda for the committee will be determined by the Office of the President as issues come to it requiring advice of this nature. As a general approach, the committee will provide to the President a report that discusses the historical dimensions of the issue in question, the impact of various approaches to the issue on the University’s appreciation and maintenance of its history and traditions, and recommendations of actions for consideration.

The committee will meet on a regular basis as required when issues arise. The Office of the President will provide administrative support for the committee.


  • Background:
  • In Spring 2016, President Schlissel requested that the President’s Advisory Committee on University History consider and make recommendations regarding how the University should approach questions raised by the community regarding historical names in and on buildings. The Committee deliberated over several months, exploring the history of naming practices at the University, potential cases that might arise and practices and policies at other similar institutions. They issued preliminary recommendations to the President in Fall, 2016 which he shared and discussed with the executive leadership of the institution. Some feedback from that process was provided to the committee resulting in the final recommendations which are set forth below and which have been accepted by the President.
  • Memo: Committee Views on Possible Review of University Space Names (PDF)
  • Jan. 2020 Facilities, Spaces, and Streets Naming Policy