UM-Flint Town Hall

(As prepared for delivery)

Good morning.

Thank you to so many members of the U-M Flint community for joining us today. I encourage you to stay involved in this process of innovation and transformation over the coming months.

With the support of the Board of Regents, I have charged Chancellor Dutta with developing a robust vision and plan that maximizes opportunities for the survival and long-term viability of the Flint campus.

We are focused on student success and value to the state and community in a fast-changing world.

As the Chancellor is explaining this morning, the financial realities facing this campus are significant. I want to be direct: incremental progress is not enough. Nor will it be sustainable going forward.

Everyone should be proud of this semester’s enrollment growth in new students. It does not, however, alter the need to transform U-M Flint to reach its goals of financial viability and academic strength.

The Chancellor will share with you how the process will work so that U-M Flint can emerge strong and sustainable. With the right plan, UM-Flint can focus on innovation, improvement, and student success.

President-elect Santa Ono supports this effort and looks forward to getting involved once he starts at the university in mid-October.

I want to emphasize that no decisions have been made. We are taking the process seriously and want your input and involvement.