Support for Ukraine

To the University Community:

Each new report from Ukraine intensifies the horror we are experiencing as the civilian and military deaths and destruction mount, and more than a million Ukrainians have fled their homes to seek refuge in other countries. Shelling has destroyed schools and hospitals by the dozens, and the number of residential buildings ruined has climbed to several hundred.

I condemn this invasion and the ruthless attack on freedom. The grief, anger and hurt are devastating, and I feel such sorrow for the many members of our community whose loved ones and communities are in harm’s way.

Many are asking how you can help. Thank you for your compassion for your fellow Wolverines and the people of Ukraine. You’ve advocated on our Diag for an end to the violence, and the university has reached out to students from Ukraine to offer support.

We’ve posted a list of organizations asking for assistance to address the humanitarian crisis. There are also learning opportunities and events related to Ukraine and Russia being planned across the university.

To support Ukrainian nationals currently living in the United States, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas designated the country to allow for Temporary Protected Status benefits for 18 months.  U-M’s International Center will share information about TPS directly with Ukrainian students and scholars on F or J visas as soon as details on the application process become available.

U-M supports advocacy efforts that would designate Ukraine for Special Student Relief for F1 visa holders to allow for greater flexibility with enrollment and employment.

As Association of American Universities President Barbara R. Snyder said, Ukrainian students’ and scholars’ “anguish and uncertainty over the fate of their homeland and loved ones should not be compounded by personal uncertainty about whether they will be able to safely and legally remain in the United States until it is safe to return to Ukraine.”


Mary Sue Coleman