September 2023 video message

Hello students, friends, staff and faculty – I’m so excited that we’ve gathered together for the start of a new school year.

There’s so much energy, such a sense of excitement and anticipation in the air.

This is truly a season of new beginnings, the chance to be and become, to learn, to aspire and achieve.

It’s a new beginning for all of us, students, staff and faculty.

So whether you are joining us in your first year, or returning for the culmination of your academic career, we welcome you.

We’re so delighted to have you.

We’re so eager to see what you will do.

We have great days ahead, of shining moments and shared memories.

From Flint to Dearborn to Ann Arbor, from the Matthaei Botanical Gardens to the Cube, and the Lurie Tower to the Big House, we have a fantastic year ahead.

Though it won’t always be easy.

There will undoubtedly be challenges, unexpected difficulties and hard days.

For there is no achievement without effort, no excellence without persistence.

But the character that comes from facing – and overcoming – those challenges can mold us and make us into the individuals we aspire to be.
Achievement is a choice – it’s one we must make each day.

So as we go forward, let each of us renew our promise to learn and lead with honor, excellence and integrity.

Let us pledge to treat each person we meet with deep respect and high dignity.

And let us resolve, in the classroom, on the athletic field, and in all our engagements around the community, to be and become the leaders and best.

This month’s Portrait of a Wolverine is a leader every student should know, Martino Harmon, our Vice President for Student Life.

Martino and his outstanding team take on the big challenges, as well as all the little details, that are so essential for the start and success of the school year. They are your key resource for questions about housing and dining, for connecting with others across our community, and for making the most out of your incredible Michigan opportunity.

So Martino and your team, thank you for all that you do, for the resources you provide, the questions you answer, for the challenges you solve and for the learning and growth that together we’ll achieve.

A new year awaits, full of maize and blue possibilities.

So together, let’s work, let’s dare, let’s dream.

Thank you again, and welcome home to Michigan!