1. Statement on June 26, 2018, Supreme Court travel ban decision

    June 26, 2018

    Today’s Supreme Court ruling is disappointing and detrimental to higher education in the United States. Discouraging peaceful students and scholars from pursuing their ambitions at America’s colleges and universities will weaken our nation intellectually and economically.

    We were proud to be one of the higher educational institutions to submit an amicus brief in this case. Our graduates are expected to compete and confront challenges on a global scale.  To succeed, they must learn how to work with people from different countries, cultures and backgrounds. Diminishing the quality and breadth of our academic community will threaten the aspirations for peace and prosperity we all share.

    The University of Michigan welcomes students without regard to their nationality or religious status.  We will continue to admit students in a manner consistent with our non-discrimination policy, and to those who have earned their place here, we remain committed to fostering an environment where all can flourish.