1. Statement at Regents Meeting on U.S.-China research collaborations

    March 28, 2019

    President Schlissel discussed U-M’s support of U.S.-China research collaborations during the March 28, 2019, Board of Regents Meeting

    (VP for Research) Jack (Hu) has also worked tirelessly to promote the value and enormous potential of international research collaborations. Just last Friday, he participated in a panel titled “U.S.-China Academic Collaboration in the Current Environment” with President Emerita Mary Sue Coleman, Vice Provost James Holloway, Director of our Center for Chinese Studies Mary Gallagher, and Michigan Medicine Associate Dean Joseph Kolars.

    The panel discussed the importance of data security and transparency for all research collaborations, the essential need for an open academic research environment, and the historical persecution of Chinese scholars in the past. We must also be mindful of the reality of espionage and the importance of confidential and proprietary information.

    I want to reiterate that the University of Michigan is proud to support research and educational collaborations with international scholars, including those from China. I view the perception that U of M is a welcoming beacon for talented, ambitious people around the world as one that we can’t afford to lose. And I think that one of the underappreciated aspects of having international exchanges is that they make our world a safer place.