1. Continuing the discussion on sexual misconduct

    September 21, 2015

    Today, the University of Michigan is releasing the findings of an April sexual misconduct survey administered by the Association of American Universities.

    The student survey was the year’s second survey of our Ann Arbor campus regarding sexual misconduct. The complete campus results of the AAU survey, and the first U-M survey are available online.

    U-M is among 27 colleges and universities across that nation that participated in the AAU survey. The U-M data in the report indicate that for some areas of non-consensual behavior, our numbers are higher than the aggregate AAU data, while in other areas, we are consistent with it.

    In all cases, the numbers are too high. We must address sexual misconduct at the University of Michigan, on all other college campuses and throughout our society. Even one instance is unacceptable. This research is vital to our understanding of the problem.

    All of the data and information about our surveys has been posted online as part of my pledge of transparency on this issue.

    I want to thank all the students who participated in the surveys. The data will inform our continual efforts as a community to reduce sexual misconduct at U-M, improve support for survivors, and enhance our processes for adjudicating incidents.

    We have already enacted a number of changes that were informed by the results of the survey conducted by U-M. We have expanded training for student groups, focused greater attention on groups that appear to be at greater risk, and held several campus forums as part of our review of our current Policy on Sexual Misconduct Among Students.

    We will be discussing this issue throughout the remainder of the year and developing further strategies for our campus. I thank the many students, faculty, and staff who have already engaged with us in this important work.