An announcement on the Robert Anderson case

To Our Campus Community:

The events of the past few days have been challenging and unexpected. Change can always be difficult and, in this case, it can be especially so on top of the ongoing pandemic.

Today, we share news that takes an important step toward a future of healing for our community.

The University of Michigan and attorneys for approximately 1,050 claimants who had sued the university alleging abuse by Dr. Robert Anderson announced today a settlement agreement that would resolve all of those survivors’ claims.

Our most solemn responsibility to our university and community members is to support healing and restoration of trust in an environment where safety is paramount.

The cases would be resolved for $490 million, pending documentation and approval by the Board of Regents; the claimants, as recommended by their attorneys; and approval by the federal court overseeing the process. Of that total, $30 million would be reserved for future claimants who choose to participate in the fund before July 31, 2023. This settlement agreement resolves the mediation process, supervised by a United States District Court judge, the Honorable Victoria Roberts, that began 15 months ago, in October 2020.

Once approved, we hope that this settlement will continue the healing process for survivors. At the same time, our work is not complete. The Board and administration plan to accelerate further efforts to work toward a campus with a positive, nurturing and safe culture that reflects our values as a community. We will strive to be free from abuse and sexual misconduct, building on the work that hundreds in our community are committed to succeeding.

In the coming weeks, months and beyond, we look forward to hearing from more members of the university community about how we can continue to achieve the environment and culture of safety and trust we envision. Together, we will move forward.


Mary Sue Coleman, President

The University of Michigan Board of Regents


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