1. Welcome to the University of Michigan’s Bicentennial

    January 5, 2017


    The new year brings a monumental moment in the life of our university — our Bicentennial celebration. I am excited to introduce you to what we have planned to commemorate our 200 years of achievement.

    Over the course of 2017, we will be celebrating U-M’s amazing impact on society, and the people who helped shape the leading institution we are today.

    We will also examine how our university will continue to shape society in the future — through the contributions of faculty, students, staff, alumni and supporters who make this community so special.

    Our Bicentennial website includes information on this celebration, from the amazing history and significance of the university to the extensive and diverse events that are taking place throughout 2017. We have planned a year of public festivals, academic events, and exhibits that demonstrate the full breadth of our great university’s influence.

    As part of the Bicentennial, I am honored to present a series of three Bicentennial Colloquia to deeply explore topics related to higher education’s role in our collective future.

    The first takes place Jan. 30. It’s called “The Future University Community” and features two legal scholars who sit on their nation’s highest courts: U.S Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor and U-M alumna Justice Susanne Baer of the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany.

    Information on tickets is available on the colloquium page.

    When we were founded 200 years ago in Detroit, the University of Michigan was an ambitious experiment, a novel and noble idea for higher education in America. Because of all of you, we are now poised for even greater accomplishments ahead, as the leaders and best. I hope you will engage with us during our Bicentennial and beyond. Thank you for being part of our community.


    Mark Schlissel