UM-Dearborn Chancellor Search – Charge to Committee

The University of Michigan-Dearborn Chancellor Search Advisory Committee (UMDC-SAC) is engaged to assist and advise the President in conducting a search to fill the position of Chancellor of the University of Michigan – Dearborn.

With the assistance of the executive search firm, Park Square Executive Search, the UMDC-SAC is charged with:

  • conducting a national search for candidates, soliciting and considering both external and internal prospects, and building a pool of highly qualified candidates;
  • making a concerted effort to develop a candidate pool that is diverse as possible and to meet any federal affirmative action goals with respect to this position;
  • reviewing the candidate pool, conducting preliminary interviews and advising the President of recommended candidates for consideration; and
  • assisting the President in recruiting and referencing efforts as required.

Throughout the process, the UMDC-SAC shall:

  • maintain confidentiality as directed;
  • engage with campus (and community when applicable) stakeholders regarding critical institutional needs and priorities to be considered in identifying strong candidates;
  • proceed expeditiously, consistent with identifying, recruiting, and reviewing highly qualified candidates.

The work of the UMDC-SAC will be supported by a staff member from the Office of the President. The committee will have at its disposal such resources as are reasonably required to meet the goals of the search in a timely manner.