President’s Office Hours for Students

President Schlissel invites University of Michigan students to meet during office hours. Meetings can be with individual students or in groups of as many as three. Available times and a sign-up form are available below. Office hours are generally held once a month during the fall and winter semesters.

Office hour requests will be accepted in the order in which they arrive after approval from the Office. Therefore, a sign-up does not guarantee each student a time slot in the session.

To ensure that as many students as possible have the opportunity to speak with the president, meetings will be limited to 15 minutes. Four 15-minute meetings will take place during each one-hour block, and students who are approved for the session will meet in the order in which they arrive.

All meetings will take place in the President’s Office on the second floor of the Fleming Administration Building.

Please use the form to sign up and provide a topic you would like to discuss. Any matters that may be better handled by deans or other university officials (such as grade disputes, funding requests, or individuals seeking redress) will be re-directed as appropriate. President Schlissel welcomes discussions of your perceptions and experiences as a U-M student.

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